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The Mirror Body System is a technique, a method, a set of tools that anyone can use. These tools allow you to explore the relationship between your body, your consciousness, and your life and to study inner attitudes that have been shown to encourage the healing process. The techniques are so simple that they have even been taught to children.

This healing system is the synthesis between Western psychology and Eastern philosophies based on chakras (energy centers found in the Hindu tradition.) Each chakra can be associated with an aspect of consciousness as well as certain parts of the body and thus allows us to read the body as a map of consciousness within.

The Mirror Body System is based on the idea that the parts of your body that are not working well reflect the aspects of your life that are not working well, and that make you feel tension in your consciousness. Tension is stress, and stress creates symptoms.

If you want to free yourself from a symptom, it's important to release the stress that created the symptom, bringing back to harmony the aspects of your life that weren't working well. The Mirror Body system provides the means to identify the specific tensions that create a particular symptom, as well as the tools to free oneself from these symptoms.

The use of our techniques does not involve any physical manipulation. Only a slight touch if it does not conflict with personal philosophies or sensibilities.

Of course, we do not offer any medical advice or prescriptions, nor do we diagnose symptoms. These privileges are reserved for members of the medical profession.

Neither traditional medicine nor any healing system can provide any guarantee of results, but can only do its best to create the optimal environment for healing to have the best chance of occurring. The purpose of the Mirror Body System is to identify and quantify the elements that are considered essential to the healing process, optimizing them for the best chance of success.

We believe that in each of us there is the potential to use these tools effectively.

At the end of the seminar, you are able to:

"Read" the body as a map of consciousness within.

Understand how all symptoms are seen as blocked energy.

Working with White Light as healing energy.

Work with "Thought-Forms" as tools to release tensions.

See the results of putting these tools into practice.

"Read" the symptoms to understand their causes in consciousness.

Feel the energy and direct it with your hands.

See the energy centers known as chakras and work with them.

Understanding metaphysical healing as a dynamic of co-creation.

Understand how all symptoms begin with tensions in consciousness.


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Weekend formula

  • Most seminars are organized by independent organizers, not the Brofman Foundation.
  • All licensed and certified instructors of the Mirror Body System and the Workshop of Sight have agreed to maintain the same prices for these classes worldwide.
  • These fees are expressed in Euro, and are usually converted into local currency when it is not the Euro.
  • Prices for residential experiences do not include hotel costs for food and accommodation, which are in addition.
  • In case of cancellation 15 days before the course the deposit is kept for a subsequent internship. In case of cancellation one week before the course the deposit is lost. In case of cancellation due to force majeure the deposit is returned without conditions of delay.

Discounts if you register at least 30 days before an internship:

  • 50€ for a Weekend.
  • 100 € for an Intensive of 4 days.
  • This is valid for your first weekend course and/or first Intensive course of the Corps Miroir and/or Atelier de la Vue.
    • The date of your registration is the date of payment of your deposit.
To benefit from the discounts, take your "Healer" card.

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Body-Mirror Weekend Seminar

1st participation.



Body-Mirror Weekend Seminar

The 2nd or 3rd time, or after participating in a 4-day Healing Intensive.



Body-Mirror Weekend Seminar

After the 3rd weekend or after participating in at least one Healing Intensive and one weekend.


  • The participation of any person in a seminar is subject to the approval of the instructor.
    • Possibility of partial grants for people with reduced incomes - students, pensioners, people on sick leave. Cases are dealt with individually by the Board of the Foundation.